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What Our Customers Are Saying


"While I don't have very long of usage time with the mulch I am happy with the way it looks and the color. We get lots of compliments and questions about the mulch and always refer them to you. Once we get the beds cleaned up from winter mess and annuals replanted I can send you some more pictures. If we had it all to do over again backing up to 2005 when we built, and having done cedar lava rocks, and your mulch I definitely would've chosen your mulch from day one."
Robert, South Carolina

"Just wanted to let you know that Decade high performance ground cover is a dream come true. For many years I have dreaded purchasing and laying mulch down . Now after 2 years of Decade ground cover I look forward to spring and not have to worry about laying that awful wood mulch. This product is the pride of my neighborhood. It looks good and has a beautiful appearance. Decade high performance ground cover is a must!! Decade has saved me time and money. Just to let you know I have even used the leaf blower and the product remained in place. You want to talk about excitement, Decade is the answer."
Patrick, Ohio

"I dug out all my old stones that had sunk into my flower beds and laid down this new plastic mulch. This mulch has gone through all 4 seasons now and still has the same deep black color the day it was laid down! Super easy to maintain. I don't have the back aches and money spent every year putting down wood mulch!"
Scott, Ohio

"I purchased 4 yards of black mulch. Love this mulch!! It looks great in my flower bed! I will definitely be purchasing more! Excellent customer service and product was ready promptly. Thanks again!"
Dawn B., Cleveland, OH

"It looks great. I may jump in my car here in a minute and run to your place to get more!"
— Pat McNea